PumpSpy Professional WiFi Connected Combo

PumpSpy Professional

The PumpSpy Professional Combo is our top-of-the-line PitBoss 3/4 HP Stainless Steel sump pump paired (and pre-plumbed) with the PumpSpy Professional WiFi Connected Battery Backup Pump. The kit includes 24/7 FREE MONITORING, primary & backup sump pumps, battery case, switches and a battery backup for Internet and wifi connection. 75 amp Richtech Battery (not included) is recommended for use with all PumpSpy WiFi Connected Battery Backup Systems.

Only for professionals:

PumpSpy Professional is not sold in stores or online. Available only from Richtech Industries and installed exclusively by professionals.

Pumps more water:

PumpSpy Professional’s controller boosts pumping capacity by an additional 180 GPH at a 10’ lift.

5 Year Warranty:

Only PumpSpy Professional comes with a 5 year warranty on the controller and backup pump.

Battery Backup Protects Basement From Flooding

PumpSpy Professional’s Battery Backup System is designed to protect your basement from flooding in case of a power outage. PumpSpy monitors the health of your main sump pump, backup pump and battery, 24/7. PumpSpy’s backup pump pumps more water per hour than any other backup system, plus it runs more efficiently on a single battery charge than competitor battery backup pumps.

Quality automotive grade components are sealed in waterproof epoxy to prevent corrosion and increase dependability.

24/7 Monitoring In the Palm of Their Hand

PumpSpy’s Wi-Fi connection connects your sump pump system to the PumpSpy Data Center. PumpSpy’s computers will monitor your complete system, for FREE, 24 hours a day.

Use the PumpSpy App to unlock the full power of PumpSpy Technology! Now with more robust data, the newly redesigned app features:

  • Clearer, more defined notifications and warnings
  • Access to FAQs and troubleshooting tips
  • Real time pump performance data
  • One app to monitor information for both PumpSpy Smart Outlet and Battery Backup Systems