Pumps More Water.

PumpSpy Professional's controller boosts pumping capacity by an additional 180 GPH at a 10' lift.

Only for Professionals.

PumpSpy Professional is not sold in stores or online. Available only from Richtech Industries and installed exclusively by professionals.
5 Year Warranty.
Only PumpSpy Professional comes with a 5 year warranty on the backup pump and controller.

PumpSpy Systems

All PumpSpy Systems use the homeowner’s WiFi to connect to the PumpSpy servers. PumpSpy then watches over the sump pump system for free, 24/7, and notifies the homeowner if a problem is detected. Notifications and other information are accessible via the free PumpSpy App.

PumpSpy Professional Battery Backup and Combo Systems feature a boosted backup pumping capacity, 5 year warranty, and are only available from Richtech Industries.

PumpSpy Professional
Battery Backup System

PumpSpy Professional
Combo System

PumpSpy WiFi Connected
Sump Pump Smart Outlet

Download the free PumpSpy App for Apple iOS and Android devices.

The purple PumpSpy app will connect to and manage the new WiFi Connected Battery Backup System, Combo and Smart Outlet.

PumpSpy for Contractors

PumpSpy watches over your customers’ sump pump systems so they don’t have to. If a problem occurs, notifications are sent to their smartphone and other mobile devices, giving them time to take action to correct the problem before flooding can happen.

What does installing PumpSpy mean for you?

Reduced Callbacks

Only system available that monitors the health of the primary pump, backup pump and battery

You can log in to the homeowner’s account to see what’s happening with their system, allowing you to troubleshoot without a service call

Predictive maintenance – know before a problem occurs and address the issue before the customer calls

Earn More Money

PumpSpy offers you better margins than competitor’s products

Available exclusively with contractor pricing from Richtech Industries

No fees – licensing or franchise

Stand Out From Your Competition

PumpSpy Certified Installer achievement demonstrates trust and competency

Represent the best, most powerful technology on the market

Visit our Contractor page to learn how to become a PumpSpy Certified Installer.

What PumpSpy Customers are Saying:

“Bottom line, if I didn’t have the PumpSpy system, my house would have been flooded. A brand new home. PumpSpy saved the day, and my house.”

Jason S.

“With the PumpSpy system in my basement, I sleep better at night and when I’m traveling for work I still know what’s going on.”

Bill R.

“PumpSpy provides peace of mind when we have heavy rains or the Nor’easter that knocks down trees causing temporary power outages. Excellent monitoring system. Highly recommended.”

Michael B.