Flexi-Foil Super Duo

Super Reinforced Flexible Membrane

  • Flexi-Foil SUPER Duo is two-sided (aluminized and white). The aluminized side helps reflect radiant heat energy in the summer and retains heat in the winter, increasing efficiency and decreasing energy bills. The aluminzed side also seals out moisture, soil gases, and works as a radon deterrent.
  • The white side provides a finished look after installation. It can be used for new construction and retrofit in a variety of applications, such as post frame buildings, finished walls, building insulation, condensation control, and as a thermal break and vapor barrier. 
  • Flexi-Foil SUPER Duo is made from non-toxic materials and unlike other insulation products, does not cause itching or an allergic reaction. White 4” Flexi-Seal tape is ideal for joining Flexi-Foil SUPER Duo.

Thermal Insulation R-Value:

1/8″ Thick Reflective/Foam/Reflective

13.1 Downward (7/16″ OSB/2.75″ airspace/Reflective insulation)

7.5 Upward (7/16″ OSB/2.75″ airspace/Reflective insulation)

7.5 Horizontal(vinyl siding/1″ airspace/Reflective insulation/7/16″ OSB)