PumpSpy Certified Installer training will be starting in the fall. This program will teach you how to correctly install PumpSpy products like the Battery Backup System and Smart Outlet. This training also includes ways to promote your business using these products. Once you have completed this training you will be able to install and set up the PumpSpy apps for your customers so they will be able to check on their sump pump system 24/7 with the PumpSpy Free Monitoring service.

PumpSpy products give your customers peace of mind knowing their sump pumps are working during heavy rainstorms. And you will be able to answer any questions the homeowner might have on why they should be putting a PumpSpy system in their basement. You will also learn how to trouble shoot any issues that come up for your customers.

And PumpSpy Certification includes selling tools for you to use to increase your sales, and your profits. You will receive PumpSpy Certified Installer hats, shirts, certificates, I.D cards, literature,  yard signs and more.

Find out how you too can become a PumpSpy Certified Installer.  Call us at 800.677.7791 to find out more.

PumpSpy. Watching your sump pump system 24/7.

Frequent storms are a problem, especially this time of year. With the hot weather comes the humidity/thunder/lightning/rain. Some of these rainstorm can deliver a large amount of water in a short time. Is your basement sump pump in good working condition? If the power goes off during the storm do you have a generator or battery backup system  to keep your sump pump working until the power comes back on?

If you have a PumpSpy Battery Backup System, you’re in good hands. It has a backup sump pump and battery to keep your system running even if the power goes out. And the FREE 24/7 monitoring sends updates and alerts to your smart phone, tablet and computer so you can check on your system from anywhere at anytime.

If you wonder what it would cost to install a PumpSpy Battery Backup System, let’s look at what it might cost you NOT to install one. Searching a few websites that list flood repair services, we found a wide range of costs to bring your basement back from a flood. If it is a minor flood (several inches of water), it could cost up to $10,000. to repair. A more substantial flood could raise that cost between $25,000. and $50,000.  What if your furnace, washer/dryer, furniture all need  to be replaced, in addition to wallboard and flooring. And don’t forget any personal items that may be damaged and irreplaceable, like family photo albums.

Also, make sure you check your insurance homeowner’s policy to see if you are covered for any of this. Some insurance companies won’t cover claims if you can’t prove you had a sump pump in good working condition. So now, the cost to repair your basement isn’t just your homeowners insurance deductible, it’s the full repair cost. And it’s all coming out of your wallet now. YIKES!

So the question is…can you afford NOT to install a PumpSpy Battery Backup System?