Water pressure against the outside walls of your basement is a problem. And this problem only gets worse with the freeze/thaw cycle.  Soil pressure can crack a block or concrete wall both horizontally and vertically. To fix this problem, the foundation must be stabilized. A fractured basement wall is a serious issue which has a negative impact on the value of your home.

Fortress Stabilization Systems developed a Carbon Fiber/Kevlar Grid that will halt any further movement of the basement walls that have minimal deflection (less than 1″…anything over this we recommend you use The Stabilizer Foundation Reinforcement System, mentioned next).

And this system is easily installed by a qualified basement waterproofing contractor. Without any outside excavation. So no damage to your shrubs, walkways and driveways.

Once installed properly, the grid lies flat against the wall and can be painted so it is hardly noticeable. And your basement wall will never bow or crack again.

The Stabilizer Foundation Reinforcement System uses Top Adjustment Brackets, Fixed Bottom Brackets with I-Beams to straighten and reinforce bowed and cracked basement walls. It attaches an the I-Beam to the floor joist above and the floor/footing below, every 5 to 6 ft along the foundation. This is a pre-engineered, permanent solution that restores structural integrity to a foundation wall.

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