At Richtech Industries, the battery is one of the focal components of our battery backup system. It is the power source that cycles your backup pump, preventing your basement from flooding after a power outage, torrential downpour, or a failed primary pump.

The modern battery that we know and depend on was designed back in 1800 by a man named Allessandro Volta (Volt). The original design later had an overhaul in 1859, and became one of the most widely produced batteries – the Lead Acid Battery. This model is the most closely related to the style used in the waterproofing industry. There are two main types of Lead Acid batteries – the Wet Cell battery and the Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) battery.

The wet cell is the most widely used battery in the industry. This style battery usually contains a liquid combination of water and sulfuric acid. Although the Wet Cell batteries have a longer lifespan than the SLA, they require substantially more maintenance.

The user is required to add both water or acid on regularly scheduled intervals to keep the battery operating at peak capacity. Caustic gas emissions given off when the battery is charging are another problem. The user is required to ventilate the unit to prevent a dangerous buildup of hazardous fumes. If the unit is not properly ventilated, it can cause corrosion on the battery terminals, decreasing the efficiency and longevity of the battery.

The Sealed Lead Acid battery comes in a few variations, however the most prominent is the Absorbed Glass Mat or AGM. The AGM battery is a completely self-contained unit that has all fluids and acid stored in the fiberglass matting of the unit, resulting in no emissions or erosion as seen in the Wet Cell. This also means that the AGM battery is maintenance-free. Being a self contained unit, the user is not required to add acid and or water to the unit, ever.

Another benefit of the SLA batteries is the faster and more efficient charging speed. Some studies have shown SLA batteries charging up to 5 times faster than their Wet Cell counterparts. The better charging rate is due to the construction of the panels and fiberglass matting. This construction also allows SLA batteries to withstand cold weather more efficiently than the Wet Cell.

Call your contractor and ask them to install a Richtech SLA battery in your backup system today!