If you have been placing multiple small orders in a short period of time that all get shipped out on a skid, we can save you some $$$$.

Many trucking companies charge “pallet pricing” where the rate is based on weight and size (dimensions: length/width/height). Standard pallet size (48″ L x 40″ W x 48″ H) and weight (usually less than 1650 lbs.) is priced one way. Larger and heavier pallets are shipped at a higher rate.

We normally ship with a 4′ x 4′ pallet size (larger products like ICC Approved QuikFlo Drain Pipes/Durawall & Safewall/System Platon may need to go on a larger sized 4′ x 8′ skid).

The good news?

The trucking company we use to ship 90%+ of our orders does not charge this way.

They charge per skid.

So as long as the skid fits within the height of the truck, the cost is the same for Skid A. as it is for Skid C. (shown above). Most of our skids ship for within $65 – $100. The larger 4′ x 8′ skids may cost $10 – $15 more.


Next time you think about placing a small order that ships on a skid, add more products. You’ll save extra $$$ over time on shipping costs that you can put into your own pocket!