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Curb Your Electric Bill

The average electric bill for Americans is more than $111 per month. That number could go up (or down) in the future due to the efficiency of newer electric technology. For example, many people assume that a gas stove is more efficient and cooks faster than an electric stove. However, according to Consumer Reports, “Manufacturers […]

What Our QuikFlo ICC Certification Means To You

We are currently in the process of having our QuikFlo Water Drainage Pipe certified by the ICC (International Code Council) for use in ground water drainage. The ICC is the nationally recognized Industry Standard for Building Products. It means QuikFlo has approval for all Retrofit Applications. Now it will be easier to close deals with […]

Sump Pump Failures (And How To Prevent Them) !

A sump pump is your basements security blanket. It may not run all the time (unless you live in an area with a high water table), but when you need it, you want to make sure it’s in good working condition. That means you want it to be free of any mechanical issues so you […]

Are You Ready To Become A PumpSpy Certified Installer?

PumpSpy Certified Installer training will be starting in the fall. This program will teach you how to correctly install PumpSpy products like the Battery Backup System and Smart Outlet. This training also includes ways to promote your business using these products. Once you have completed this training you will be able to install and set up the PumpSpy […]

New Sump Pump Smart Outlet Is Now Available!

Turns your sump pump into a Smart Pump! PumpSpy’s Sump Pump Smart Outlet uses your existing WiFi to connect any sump pump to PumpSpy’s FREE 24/7 Monitoring Service. PumpSpy automatically tracks incoming data from your pump and checks that the pump is working properly. If any issues are detected, PumpSpy sends you detailed alerts immediately […]

How Much Does It Cost To Install A New Sump Pump?

THE COST OF DOING IT YOURSELF VS. HIRING AN EXPERIENCED CONTRACTOR A lot of customers want to try and install their own sump pumps to save some $. For those of us with lots of DIY experience, it is a project we might want to attempt on our own. But for the majority of homeowners, […]