We are currently in the process of having our QuikFlo Water Drainage Pipe certified by the ICC (International Code Council) for use in ground water drainage. The ICC is the nationally recognized Industry Standard for Building Products.

It means QuikFlo has approval for all Retrofit Applications. Now it will be easier to close deals with homeowners, get approvals from city inspectors and boost credibility for your company.

We’ve gotten the engineer’s report and recently had the ICC inspector visit our plant to check on the product and our testing. New procedures are in place to make sure the QuikFlo Pipe that you order is made from the best quality material possible. We are using micrometers and calipers to check the pipe thickness for consistency. So you know you will always be getting an exceptional product designed to move the maximum amount of ground water at the highest speeds possible.

We will also be laser etching our product with the QuikFlo name, Richtech logo, production date and ICC Certification Number.  ICC approval makes an already great product even better.

Water pressure against the outside walls of your basement is a problem. And this problem only gets worse with the freeze/thaw cycle.  Soil pressure can crack a block or concrete wall both horizontally and vertically. To fix this problem, the foundation must be stabilized. A fractured basement wall is a serious issue which has a negative impact on the value of your home.

Fortress Stabilization Systems developed a Carbon Fiber/Kevlar Grid that will halt any further movement of the basement walls that have minimal deflection (less than 1″…anything over this we recommend you use The Stabilizer Foundation Reinforcement System, mentioned next).

And this system is easily installed by a qualified basement waterproofing contractor. Without any outside excavation. So no damage to your shrubs, walkways and driveways.

Once installed properly, the grid lies flat against the wall and can be painted so it is hardly noticeable. And your basement wall will never bow or crack again.

The Stabilizer Foundation Reinforcement System uses Top Adjustment Brackets, Fixed Bottom Brackets with I-Beams to straighten and reinforce bowed and cracked basement walls. It attaches an the I-Beam to the floor joist above and the floor/footing below, every 5 to 6 ft along the foundation. This is a pre-engineered, permanent solution that restores structural integrity to a foundation wall.

For more information on these systems or to find a qualified installer in your area, give us a call at 800.677.7791

A sump pump is your basements security blanket. It may not run all the time (unless you live in an area with a high water table), but when you need it, you want to make sure it’s in good working condition. That means you want it to be free of any mechanical issues so you won’t have a problem when it starts raining.

Here are some reasons your sump pump can fail, and how to find a solution to the problem.

Heavy rainstorms and power failures can go hand in hand. If the power goes out, you sump pump may not work, and your basement can flood. We recommend a PumpSpy Battery Backup System. It has a backup sump pump and battery so if the power goes out, the battery backup will still power your pump.

This is one of the most common problems for a sump pump to fail. Make sure the switch has plenty of room so it doesn’t get stuck against the pump. Moving the position of the switch or cleaning the area around it can remedy this problem.

If your pump isn’t the right size for the amount of water entering the basin, it can easily become overwhelmed, which means a flooded basement. Make sure your primary pump is at least 1/3 HP (larger if you live in an area with a high water table). Or you can install a PumpSpy Battery Backup System which has a backup pump that pumps more per hour than any other backup system, and can easily handle the excess water.

If your discharge line become clogged or frozen, flood water will flow back down the pipe and flood your basement. Installing a FreezFlow to your outside discharge line will let the water discharge through the specially designed vents, preventing a backup in your basement. Also covering your sump pump basin with a lid will prevent debris and small critters (mice) from entering the basin and clogging the pump and line.

If you have excessive odors coming from the pump, dropping a chlorine tablet in the basin every few months should help get rid of any algae growth causing the smell. Chlorine will also help neutralize any iron ore algae and prevent it from clogging the pump.

Problem:  OLD PUMP    Solution:  NEW PUMP / BACKUP PUMP
How much your sump pump is used will determine how long it will last. Some pumps may last up to 7 years or more. If you pump is constantly running due to a high water table in your area, the lifespan may only be 3-5 years, or less. Having a PumpSpy Battery Backup System will give you a backup pump in case your primary pump fails due to age. And the FREE 24/7 Monitoring Service will send you updates and alerts so you know the status of your sump pump system. This will come in handy if you ever have a problem (IMPORTANT: Insurance companies may reject homeowners basement flooding claims if they can’t prove their sump pump was well maintained).

If your pump isn’t working properly, it may have been installed incorrectly. You can check it yourself, or call a professional if you aren’t sure how to do it yourself.
Some issues you may want to check:
1. Is there a Check Valve on the discharge line and is it working?
2. Is there an air relief hole in the discharge line?
3. Is your pump sitting/packed in gravel which could interfer with the on/off switch and float arm.

Problem:  DEFECTIVE PUMP    Solution:  TEST IT FIRST
Though unlikely, you may have gotten a defective pump. Make sure to test it after installation to make sure it is working properly.

Aprilaire Dehumidifiers are the industry standard. So we know once you try them in a basement or crawlspace, you’ll know what thousands of other Aprilaire customers already know. That Aprilaire Dehumidifiers are the best.

The Model #1850 Aprilaire Dehumidifier removes up to 95 pints of moisture per day! And these trouble-free, reliable dehumidifiers offer an industry leading 5-Year Warranty. They are designed, tested and assembled right here in the USA, and offer world class tech support and customer service.

We are so sure that once you try an Aprilaire Dehumidifier you’ll be as impressed with it as we are, we’re making a special limited time offer to contractors only. Purchase an Aprilaire Dehumidifier from us now and love it 110%, or return it to us and we will pay 100% of the cost to ship it back (you may return your Aprilaire Dehumidifier at no cost within 60 days of purchase).

So what have you got to lose? Call us now at 800.677.7791 and we’ll send your order out immediately.

PumpSpy Certified Installer training will be starting in the fall. This program will teach you how to correctly install PumpSpy products like the Battery Backup System and Smart Outlet. This training also includes ways to promote your business using these products. Once you have completed this training you will be able to install and set up the PumpSpy apps for your customers so they will be able to check on their sump pump system 24/7 with the PumpSpy Free Monitoring service.

PumpSpy products give your customers peace of mind knowing their sump pumps are working during heavy rainstorms. And you will be able to answer any questions the homeowner might have on why they should be putting a PumpSpy system in their basement. You will also learn how to trouble shoot any issues that come up for your customers.

And PumpSpy Certification includes selling tools for you to use to increase your sales, and your profits. You will receive PumpSpy Certified Installer hats, shirts, certificates, I.D cards, literature,  yard signs and more.

Find out how you too can become a PumpSpy Certified Installer.  Call us at 800.677.7791 to find out more.

PumpSpy. Watching your sump pump system 24/7.

Frequent storms are a problem, especially this time of year. With the hot weather comes the humidity/thunder/lightning/rain. Some of these rainstorm can deliver a large amount of water in a short time. Is your basement sump pump in good working condition? If the power goes off during the storm do you have a generator or battery backup system  to keep your sump pump working until the power comes back on?

If you have a PumpSpy Battery Backup System, you’re in good hands. It has a backup sump pump and battery to keep your system running even if the power goes out. And the FREE 24/7 monitoring sends updates and alerts to your smart phone, tablet and computer so you can check on your system from anywhere at anytime.

If you wonder what it would cost to install a PumpSpy Battery Backup System, let’s look at what it might cost you NOT to install one. Searching a few websites that list flood repair services, we found a wide range of costs to bring your basement back from a flood. If it is a minor flood (several inches of water), it could cost up to $10,000. to repair. A more substantial flood could raise that cost between $25,000. and $50,000.  What if your furnace, washer/dryer, furniture all need  to be replaced, in addition to wallboard and flooring. And don’t forget any personal items that may be damaged and irreplaceable, like family photo albums.

Also, make sure you check your insurance homeowner’s policy to see if you are covered for any of this. Some insurance companies won’t cover claims if you can’t prove you had a sump pump in good working condition. So now, the cost to repair your basement isn’t just your homeowners insurance deductible, it’s the full repair cost. And it’s all coming out of your wallet now. YIKES!

So the question is…can you afford NOT to install a PumpSpy Battery Backup System?



This is the time of year that many of us are planning to take our vacations. Arranging all of our travel plans. Booking the flights or planning the best route to drive. Making hotel/motel reservations. It’s something we look forward to every year…a time to relax and enjoy ourselves with family and friends. But what most of us don’t plan is what we would do if our sump pump fails during a heavy rainstorm while we are away. No one wants to think about it, but unfortunately, this does happen. Our sump pump may be old and fails from age or overuse. Or the power goes out for an extended period of time and the pump doesn’t run. Then we return from our vacation rested and relaxed, until we notice that damp smell coming from our basement.

And no one wants to end their vacation that way.

That’s why you should install a PumpSpy Battery Backup System. This system comes with a backup sump pump and cellular connection, so you can check on your primary pump, backup pump and battery while you are away on vacation, to make sure your system is in good working condition. And if there is a problem with your primary pump, the backup pump will kick on. If the power goes out, the battery backup system will keep the pump running. You will know the status of your system because PumpSpy will send you updates and alerts with the 24/7 Free Monitoring.

And while you are away on vacation, you can have those alerts sent to a neighbor or relative so they can take any necessary steps should there be a problem.

It’s an insurance policy for your home and your vacation. And as we have mentioned in a previous blog, insurance companies are changing their policies to make homeowners responsible for any flooded basements due to their pump not being in good working condition. With a PumpSpy Battery Backup System, you will have detailed proof your pumps were working in case there ever is an problem.

So enjoy your vacation worry-free, with a PumpSpy Battery Backup System. And don’t forget to bring the sun-screen!

We recently experienced some very heavy rains in our area. And to compound problems, there were power outages too. If you lived in an area where this occurred, you know how important it is to make sure your sump pump, and the battery you use in your backup system, are both in good working condition. With a Maintenance-Free  Richtech 75 Amp 12 Volt Battery, you can be assured that you have the best quality battery available.

There is no worse feeling than needing your battery to power your sump pump during an outage,  and it’s dead because you didn’t maintain it.

If you look at the chart above, you can see that during a power outage, this battery can power your sump pump up to 166 hours when the backup pump is running every 5 minutes.

And a quality Battery Backup System (like PumpSpy) will automatically recharge the battery once power is restored. So you will never have to check on the water level of your battery like some other batteries on the market.

Richtech’s 3 Year Full Replacement Warranty  guarantees if your battery fails within 3 years, we will ship you a brand new battery to replace it.

If you have any question, give me a call at 800.677.7791.


PLEASE CHECK YOUR HOMEOWNER’S INSURANCE POLICY! State Farm has recently made changes to their homeowners’ policies and put in a clause that states they will “reduce or eliminate coverage for a flooded basement claim if the loss is caused by your negligence”. If you don’t ” keep a sump pump or its related equipment in proper working condition”, your claim may not be covered.

If State Farm is doing this now with their homeowners’ policies, your insurance company may be doing the same.

Don’t forget, CHECK YOUR POLICY!

Make sure your insurance company cannot reject your claim if you have a flooded basement. A PumpSpy Battery Backup System or Smart Outlet can provide proof that your pump was in proper working condition.

The PumpSpy monitoring system keeps a record of your pump activity, so you will have that information  if you ever need to file a claim.

Check with your local waterproofing contractor and make sure your sump pump is in proper working condition. And get FREE PumpSpy monitoring with the Battery Backup System and Smart Outlet.

Turns your sump pump into a Smart Pump!

PumpSpy’s Sump Pump Smart Outlet uses your existing WiFi to connect any sump pump to PumpSpy’s FREE 24/7 Monitoring Service. PumpSpy automatically tracks incoming data from your pump and checks that the pump is working properly. If any issues are detected, PumpSpy sends you detailed alerts immediately with the PumpSpy App. You will receive data and alert messages on your smart phone, tablet and computer.

The PumpSpy Sump Pump Smart Outlet is easy to install and includes a High Water Sensor. There is no additional equipment required.

Give me a call at 800.677.7791 for more information or visit our new website at www.pumpspy.com to learn more about this great addition to the PumpSpy product line.