How To Prevent Insurance Companies From Rejecting Your Flooded Basement Claim.

PLEASE CHECK YOUR HOMEOWNER’S INSURANCE POLICY! State Farm has recently made changes to their homeowners’ policies and put in a clause that states they will “reduce or eliminate coverage for a flooded basement claim if the loss is caused by your negligence”. If you don’t ” keep a sump pump or its related equipment in proper working condition”, your claim may not be covered.

If State Farm is doing this now with their homeowners’ policies, your insurance company may be doing the same.

Don’t forget, CHECK YOUR POLICY!

Make sure your insurance company cannot reject your claim if you have a flooded basement. A PumpSpy Battery Backup System or Smart Outlet can provide proof that your pump was in proper working condition.

The PumpSpy monitoring system keeps a record of your pump activity, so you will have that information  if you ever need to file a claim.

Check with your local waterproofing contractor and make sure your sump pump is in proper working condition. And get FREE PumpSpy monitoring with the Battery Backup System and Smart Outlet.