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Sump Pump Short Cycle…And Why You Shouldn’t Worry About It.

Lots of contractors and homeowners have questions about their sump pumps short cycling. Most of the time, it’s not something you need to worry about. Most sump pumps are sitting in a sump basin, so they collect the same amount of water every time. Once the water rises, the pump turns on and pumps out […]

Why Electric Sump Pumps Are Better Than Water Powered Sump Pumps.

Some contractors will recommend installing a water powered sump pump. This type of pump uses your home water supply to power the pump. If the power goes out during a storm, your home water supply will automatically power the pump and keep your basement from flooding. But here’s the catch. What if the water pressure […]

How Much Will A Flooded Basement Cost To Repair?

Frequent storms are a problem, especially this time of year. With the hot weather comes the humidity/thunder/lightning/rain. Some of these rainstorm can deliver a large amount of water in a short time. Is your basement sump pump in good working condition? If the power goes off during the storm do you have a generator or […]

What Happens If Your Sump Pump Fails While You Are On Vacation?

This is the time of year that many of us are planning to take our vacations. Arranging all of our travel plans. Booking the flights or planning the best route to drive. Making hotel/motel reservations. It’s something we look forward to every year…a time to relax and enjoy ourselves with family and friends. But what most of us don’t plan is […]

How To Prevent Insurance Companies From Rejecting Your Flooded Basement Claim.

PLEASE CHECK YOUR HOMEOWNER’S INSURANCE POLICY! State Farm has recently made changes to their homeowners’ policies and put in a clause that states they will “reduce or eliminate coverage for a flooded basement claim if the loss is caused by your negligence”. If you don’t ” keep a sump pump or its related equipment in proper working condition”, your […]